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Looking for a new metal amp before May. Looking between an EVH 5150III, the PRS Archon and a Randall Satan. Thoughts? I play everything from Meshuggah to Animals as Leaders and much more. I like very dynamic amps too; historically I don't like 6L6's because I like a more British type of response. That's why I use a VOX for fusion and jazz. BUT this is about a metal amp. The Orange I have isn't doing it for me anymore :/

And to me, Meshuggah, and Animals As Leaders especially, sounds like an Axe FX or a Kemper system. AAL uses an Axe FX, not sure about Meshuggah. Maybe look into those?
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I really want to stay away from big complicated axe FX units

And I forgot to mention, cleans are really important to me.
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Meshuggah use Line 6 gear.

Nope. They haven't used Line 6 stuff for years. All Fractal now.

I'd go with the Archon. That thing is a monster.
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Meshuggah and dynamic is an oxymoron....I think the Satan will do as well but I like the tone of the 5150 III probably the best from the ones listed.

Have you considered Fryette Sig X?
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They all use axe fx's now.
Also check the definition of dynamics again 'cause meshuggah are everything but that.

They used to use a vetta II head anyway, so definitely look into one of them.
If you want something analog, get an ENGL powerball II if you have the money, else the EVH.
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