The riffs are clean and well produced, it's a good sound, heavy, sounds angry and polished. The vocals are fine, everything stands out in the mix. Not my kind of music but there's certainly nothing wrong with it, the only thing I'd add myself is some variety, even a simple melody line at some point. Other than that, good work!
Thanks. This song was actually written 14 years ago. I finally learned how to mix an wanted re release stuff that I had worked on in the past. Some of our newer stuff is more melodic

Sound wise, the mix is great. I really dig how punchy the drums are. Guitars are aggressive and complement the song well. The bass, while it gels the sound pretty well, could use a bit of grit and gnarlyness. Vocals sit perfectly in the mix. 8.9/10

While I don't have much experience with this genre, I can say that the composition is really tight. You have a good feel in putting every section together. There's no boring parts in the song, or better said, parts which detract from the experience. 8.5

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I should say that this type of music isn't my area of expertise.

That being said, I can see that it's really well written and produced. Sounds heavy and powerful. Very good job with the playing and especially with vocals. I agree that some little melody could decorate the song a little bit but I did enjoy it as it is now. The song still maintains interest in every part.

As I said, this is not exactly my type of music but maybe you'll benefit from some "outside" opinions.

Here's my song which is completely different but hopefully enjoyable

Keep it up
Thanks for the crit!

Your mix could use a little work, the kick feels a little thin and the bass could be tightened up a bit.

I'm not a huge fan of thrash metal, but I dig the riffs. Keep up the good work!
Your track is great, the only think that's keeping it down, for me, are the vocals, which sound forced and weak. I think a more metal screaming Slipknot esque vocals would be more suitable for the song.

Great guitar tone you have.

I think the mix is very solid, I can't hear anything I'd change about it.