Not typically the type of music I listen to, but I really enjoyed it. Pretty chill. Good work keep it up
your title intrigued me lol. onto the song

my first impression was...AWESOME!
I dig this kind of stuff a lot. I love whats going on in the intro. Sounds like some trip willy wonka music lol. The beat is very well put together. Smooth guitar work. Good tones all around, except theres something in the background that is pretty repetitive that bothers me. Whatever is doing constant sixteenth notes lol.

gimme some of that morphine lol. I really like ur style man I went and followed you. c4c? I think you'd like my stuff


Hey dude. First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my music, I really appreciate it. And I thank you yet again for the well constructed feedback that you offered me. When I get home, I'll listen to your music, and then I'll reply in your thread. The thing with those constant sixteenth notes is that I tried to do something different, trying to experiment with sounds. Didn't really ended up like I truly wanted it, but it's a start.

@ Akkeli

Dear Akkeli, thank you for sparing some time from your day to listen to my track. It really made my day . And I'm flabbergasted for comparing me with Tame Impala, whom I love deeply . As I said to themilestones too, when I get home, I'll surely listen to your music and reply in your thread.

Have a great day all of you!
Definitely very Tame-Impala like. The song is really intriguing and relaxing and I'm glad I gave it a listen. Thanks!
Hello aaron aardvark

No I wont get addicted to morphine, the treatment will be ending soon and the pain is going away. Thanks for the feedback. There is not electric bass whatsoever on the track, I'm still trying to learn how to create a bass line. I'll review your music and post on your thread when I get home.