Hey guys

This is my first ever attempt to write song lyrics. All feedback is welcome.

Keep in mind there's no chorus (yet).

Slip Away

Sail away to distant lands
Hold your breath and take my hand
Let it all,
Slip away

In the darkness I have seen
A shining light for you and me
Don’t let it,
Fade away

Only if you close your eyes,
You’ll find your way to paradise
Spread your wings,
And fly.

In your hearth you truly know,
But find no way to let it show,
Shout it out,
Let it go.

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Love the simplicity and flow. I'm getting good imagery from the lyrics too despite that simplicity, too. Everything is blended well, nice work!
I love the many songs that ever similar titles
Slide away, fade away, drift away, and now slip away

Good job tho. Would like a chorus added