Hello!! Well, as i said, im going to buy a new guitar but i need some help because my knowledge is a little bit limited. I live in Argentina, so, the prices here are like twice the ones in Usa. The bands i usually play are Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Frusciante, Blink182, Paramore, etc. As you see, the genres are quite varied, so I need a versatile guitar. Also I have a gibson pickup (Dirty Fingers) to put in the new guitar. So, my options are:

Washburn Winstd Tsb
Squier Mustang Vintage Modified
Epiphone Les Paul Standar
Epiphone Wildkat Royale
Squier Vintage Modified Strato Surf
Epiphone Firebird Studio Korina (Or just Studio)
Squier Telecaster Vintage Modified Custom
Squier Telecaster Custom Ii
Ibanez As-53
Epiphone Dot 335
Washburn Hb30
Squier Jazzmaster Vintage Modified
Squier Stratocaster Deluxe Hot Rails
Epiphone G400 Maestro

I think that's the best i can get, what do you think is the most apropiate and why?

Than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are all pretty decent guitars that you've listed.
I'd suggest going for a guitar with a humbucker already in it so you don't need to rewire/reroute the guitar and simply just swap it out.
Personally I'd recommend a HSS Strat (a humbucker in the bridge a single coil in the middle and neck position) as that would give you a good dirty tone with the Dirty Fingers and a nice neck tone. It will also give you a bit more variety in terms of different tones.
The Epiphone's are good guitars, however you'd want to replace both pickups eventually.
try as many of them and see what you prefer. You'd be surprised what you'll find used or on classifieds. I mean the second you strike a chord it's not a new guitar any more out of the box off of say musicians friend or a display model in the shops.

Craigslist / ebay - USA
craigslist / kijiji - canada
craigslist / ebay / gumtree - UK

a bit of car wax on shiny finishes (turtlewax super hardshell)and windex and a guitar looks pretty new to me. Just make sure to ask all the questions you can. Does the trussrod work, play it through an amp, don't look for deals on classifieds. Find something that excites you. I bought about 100 guitars off of classifieds. Fixed them up and had a small business for a while. Brand is the least of my concern. Sound is everything. Not everything is beat up on there sometimes people just want to get rid of their guitars they aren't playing.

LTD , PRS , Jackson , BC Rich , Agile (not the really cheap models) , Dean, DBZ (not dragon ball z) to Schecter are a lot of great brands. Don't worry about the brand on the head of the guitar. Play them and see which is the most comfortable. You don't have to shoot for USA guitars either. Japan and Korea make amazing guitars.

tips buying used
ebony or rosewood fretboards - clean with lighter fluid to get rid of dirt then lemon oil to hydrate the fretboard
new strings are always a good thing
youtube can make you learn how to use any bridge to it's full potential
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