Hey guys, today I bought a Boss TU-3. I'd heard good reviews and was looking forward to getting home and playing with it, as any gear geek would (I know you say 'it's only a tuner!' But it has an Bypass function which I intend to use as an A/Y switch) and I plug it in and everything seems fine. I'm keen to use the AC output feature to power my other pedals, so I plug my 9 volt AC adapter into the 'IN' jack on the TU-3 then get a daisy chain, plug that into the 'OUT' and attach my Double Big Muff Nano and Boss BF-2. I never got around to plugging my guitar in but pushing the buttons on those pedals and the lights were coming on - everything seemed fine - and my tuner was lit up as it should be. Then out of nowhere the Flanger stops being powered. The Muff is okay. But then my tuner stops lighting up and at this point I disconnect everything only to find my tuner won't power up at all. I've tried multiple 9 volt inputs and I'm about to try a battery. Have I done something stupid and inadvertently fried the circuits of my TU-3? I must add that it was second hand - but it worked fine at college today, and bought from a reputable second hand dealer.
Thanks for your help in advance.
Problem: Boss uses a positive sleeve adapter. Big Muff is positive tip-negative sleeve so you have a polarity issue. You can get an adapter cord to reverse the polarity or run a separate adapter for the Big Muff.

A common problem that nobody ever checks and then thinks it's faulty gear. Match voltage> AC or DC> correct tip/sleeve config> total ma draw within specs= gear that works.
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