Hey guys, brand new here and looking for a little insight on this amplifier...I haven't played it for years but since today I plugged it in and I'm getting a loud hum even without a cable plugged in. I did a bit of research and common answers are the rectifier tube or a bad cap. Luckily for me I cant find a schematic for the power section of the amp so im not entirely sure which cap it would be but im gonna run to the music store and completely retube this thing. Are there tubes you guys recommend that are a little less hot than an el-34? Im seein 3 12ax7s, 4 el-34s, and a rectifier tube (which im still trying to find a screwdriver to fit the housing. Thanks in advance
Scratch the rectifier tube, its 4 12ax7eh and 4 el34s...where the heck is the rectifier in this thing, lol. Im hoping the hum is just from old tubes.
The rectifier is SS in that amp. Madison just started making amps again and from what I have heard are very good at customer service and answering tech questions. So give them a shout
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