My first large scale song. It's a bit sloppy and the mix is shitty (particularly the lead guitar track is loud), but it should do the job for now. Hope you guys enjoy it!

There's a bit of Born of Osiris into that song as well, because why the hell not.
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As you've already said the mix is just not right, so I'll wait for an update before commenting on it.

I haven't found anything in this track composition wise. It's an OK track, but there's nothing that really stands out in it, other than that solo at around 1:48. I actually found it a little hard to not get distracted while listening to the song, but that may just be me.
The rhythm guitars are a bit muddy sounding, and it sounds like through most of the song the right rhythm guitar is a bit louder. The lead tone sounds really good and as you stated its way too loud. I really like the neoclassical lead in the middle of the song. I would try fading out the last note, of the lead, in your DAW to blend it in though. The next part is cool too I like the black metalish thing. Nice and dark sounding. I just noticed listening to the very end that you had a delay on your rhythm guitars. I believe that is where the muddiness would be coming from. That may be your preference though. I think the kick drum could be a bit louder also. Overall I like, but as you stated the mix could use some work, but its not to bad. It has a unique feel to it
I liked elements of it, especially some of the lead guitar work. The solo specifically was well played. The song has a very dark, black metal kind of vibe. As you mentioned, the mix could do some work. With some adjustments, I'm sure you can take it to a whole new level. Lots of things have been covered in other comments already. This kind of song doesn't necessarily need very polished mix, though.

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Hey man thanks for the detailed crit of my piece! First things first, for this style, I thought the mix was ok, the solos are just a bit too loud. As for the song, it was very solid. I think the right vocalist would really make this a great song. The music is there, and you definitely understand the style. Im not a huge black metal fan but I enjoyed listening to it! Keep it up man! Thanks again for the honest crit on my piece! Cheers man!
Some of the double-tracked guitar could be tighter. Towards the beginning, it sounded more alternative than black metal-ish, which is fine by me. Later it sounded more metal for me. Mix is a bit muddy. I liked most of the guitar riffs and the drums. Some good vocals wouldn't hurt. Please review my music at this link:

Hello there.

So yeah - you already know the lead is way too loud - I nearly crapped myself when it screamed at me the first time.

The bottom end of the mix is pretty muddy - the kick is a bit lost and cold do with some attack to add definition.

The composition isnt bad, although it didnt really jump out and grab me by the danglers. I think it could do with something more to complete it.

Not a bad start though.