I currently just run a 5150 into a peavey cab, but the clean channel on the 5150 doesnt work. Would it be somehow possible to connect a nice combo amp to the head or cab somehow so that I can switch over and use the combo for clean sounds and then switch over to the 5150 for dirty stuff?
...............................Clean amp
Guitar> A/B switch <
...............................Dirty amp

Lotta gear to drag around though.
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It wouldn't really be hard to do, but you may wanna fix the peavey instead.
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If you're going to run two heads into one speaker cabinet you need something like the Headbone Valve Tube Head switcher: http://www.tonebone.com/headbone.php

Running two heads into a single cabinet without one will likely result in "letting the smoke out."

You can run two separate amps (each with their own speaker setup) with a simple ABY pedal.

When you start doing this kind of stuff, however, it's worth looking at using a Pod or similar setup through a single good powered speaker system.