First off I like the name for the song. Overall it does have a good hard rock sound. It doesnt sound like you have the guitars panned hard left and right. I think that would give you a bigger guitar sound. It is hard to really critique it without the vocals, but I can see its potential of being good once those are added. The kick drum sounds a little weak. Maybe add a lowband eq. I am not a fan of the synth at the end. I think a good rock solo would sound good there, unless you had a vocal idea that was going there. I think it would be cool if you found a sound byte from either Obams, the prosecutor, or someone significant from the story layed somewhere on the track.

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1662756
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: the marching to the beat is a good idea. Sounds rather cool so far, but some good vocals would help a lot. Is that a real Polymoog, or a computer emulation, or a sample synth? I don't recall ever seeing one in the flesh, and I have owned synths since 1981. I like some of the Polymoog playing, other parts I'd experiment with the timing, but maybe you don't own a sequencer to drive it? That patch reminds me of Gary Numan's "Cars", which I believe had a Polymoog doing the strings/pad (I read it was a factory preset, but I would imagine Numan added reverb). Nice guitar riffs/playing!
It's the LUCEifer v2 plugin (vst) that was available free for a short time, apparently made from samples of a real Polymoog. And yeah, just about everything it does sounds like something Gary Numan did on The Pleasure Principle. Using a synth was an experiment and I'm still not sure if it fits the song or not. I am a complete newb to keyboards...but was hoping to use them to give it a little something extra and probably failed at it.

I am working on vocals, but I sing about as good as I play keyboards so, if I do it myself, it may just make it worse. Speaking of me singing, and Gary Numan, here's a Numan cover of Are Friends Electric I did a year or two ago with a bunch of VST synths just for kicks. that was my first and only attempt at vocals so far:

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Instrumentally, sounds pretty darn close to the original! No one else sounds like Gary Numan, with his robotic/humanoid vocals that were perfect for his early hits. I don't think his vocals work on his new music. Yeah, I think your speaking vocals are better overall.
Thanks for the crit.

This track starts great with the marching and beat coming in. Guitars are tight and it sounds like it could be a steady kinda protest/commentary song like Neil Young's Rocking In The Free World.
Hopefully the lyrics and vocals come out good when you get round to it.
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@Elvin Presler: Dude, I don't understand what you meant by not having a good mix in my thread, the mix is excellent on this track. I could hear everything clearly (at least I think I can). Are you by any chance inspired by Queensryche? This really reminds me of their good old days. I'll get to the constructive stuff right away:

- I was surprised that you didn't include a solo, I feel like the piece would really benefit if you included one.
- The drum kit was pretty static with the beats, I noticed none or very "safe" fills. I think it needs to be a little bit more technical or "showy" IMO.
- You recycled a lot of riffs, you could have easily done a modal modulation on nearly all of them very easily and it would have really brought out the piece (along with some ever-evolving percussion).

So the above sounds harsh, but I think if you could spend a bit of time working on those then you would easily be up with the best in your genre. Hope that helps.
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So the above sounds harsh, but I think if you could spend a bit of time working on those then you would easily be up with the best in your genre. Hope that helps.

I never got into Queensryche but I sure wish I could sing like Geoff Tate is it? It doesn't sound harsh at all. Thanks for the input (all). There is a short solo near then end (@4:00 mark), but I am just not much of a shredder. I'm not a drummer either, but I agree with all you said about that. I may work on it some more, but I didn't want it to get too "busy" and wanted to maintain the "marching beat" feel. I also did not want to cheat use any of the pre-made beats or fills in Addictive Drums. I do need some better fills though for sure. Most of the repetitive riffs will have vocals over them...if I can ever get that done.
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