I'm currently building a strat-style guitar. Id like to have 3 humbuckers, 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob, and a 3-way les paul style switch. Id want the top position to be the neck and middle, the middle position to be all three, and the bottom position to be the middle and bridge pickups. How would i go about wiring this?
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if only I could draw this out.

ok so the easiest solution like Tony said was to wire the guitar the normal way.

the up position would be all 3 pickups unless you added what is called a concentric potentiometer or push pull knob.

what a concentric knob is, is two volume knobs stacked. Sort of like the boss metal zone MT-2 knobs. It's got one big knob on the bottom and a small knob on top. So you could have the middle pickup at as much % volume as you want. It would do some cool "blend" tricks.

if not the push pull idea is simple.

wire up the hot lead to the middle of a push pull.
right below it (near the contacts) you want the hot lead to go to the selector in the same spot as the neck pickup.

I can draw out and email you this diagram if you need. It's essentially the 7 way strat mod **edit** what is cool about the 7 way mod is that you'd be able to turn all 3 pickups on at once in the middle position. Sure it wouldn't be the most powerful the guitar would get as it would all be in series (i think the term is, I barely slept) which is like a normal 2 position on a les paul to get my point across but it would be a secret extra sound.
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