I've done some research but am just starting to get a little confused at this point (research overload).

My situation is that I have two amps (3-channel Dual Rectifier and JCM800) that I currently ABY. However, I'm definitely not a gifted pedal dancer and am looking to put together a more simple/user friendly method to control things...which is where midi comes in!

I'm looking to set up patches to do the following things:
1) Be able to ABY between both amps
2) Be able to switch channels on the DR
3) Be able to control various pedals as well (BOSS PH-2, reverb, dd-20)
4) I don't have a rack, so nothing rack mountable. 2 half stacks are enough to move around already!

The DR is already a midi controlled amp so that's all taken care of, but for the JCM800 I know I'll need a converter to get it midi capable. If I go the Voodoo Lab route, I'm assuming that I'd need the Control Switcher and then I could get away with just using a Commander to control everything else...but would I be able to control effects as well? Or would I still have to get a Pedal Switcher as well?

Also, what other routes do you know of besides for Voodoo? I'm not opposed to mixing and matching brands but they seem to have a pretty straight forward plug-and-play system set up between their products.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

I'm just looking for the most simple, space saving way to do all of this since I'd rather keep things nice and compact with less room for issues when gigging.