so I posted some rough early versions of some of my back catalog of songs on here and I got some really good feedback. SORRY I DIDNT RESPOND/CRIT BACK IN A TIMELY FASHION(doing that now, sorry it took so long) but I decided to go thru and do the songs the right way and I've literally been recording straight the past 3 days. Ive been like obsessive at it and have neglected my phone, hygiene, and eating habits lol. Anyways, I laid down 20 songs all at various stages of completion. Most of the instruments are tight but the vocals need work. Im gonna wait til I get a proper vocal mic for that.

The music is like classical indie baroque pop. Think of if citizen cope recorded a strokes album with bon iver somehow thrown in the mix. Hyper melodic, lush guitar atmospheres, very cinematic and emotionally grabbing.

I've included the entire album but go ahead and do whichever songs u want. I'd love to hear ur opinions on the songs, but id especially like to hear comments on production/audio quality. I recorded everything with my iPad and then mixed it in garage band. After doing this I want to learn how to professionally record on my own and see how good I can get these tracks to sound.

Here are some songs id especially like feedback on

Wishing, Well... - my personal favorite and probably turned out the best
Love is a Jump in the Dark
Ocean Breezes
Frankenstein in A Major
Rain Gorilla
He Could Only Hold Her

Tough Luck, Bad News

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Hey dude, I got home and got a chance to listen to your stuff .

I gotta say that " Wishing, Well" reminds me of early The Strokes, I really like the vibe, the melody of it all. After that, well I got to listen to " Love is a Jump in the Dark" but I didn't liked it as much as " Wishing, Well". I especially like how " Frankenstein in A Major" begins, that intro is really cool, but afterwards, it seems like it's not recorded properly, it's like the microphone was incredibly far away, the melody, how it's constructed is pretty good. If I were you, I would try to make a drum beat for it, it kinda needs it, and I think it can be really great. But I gotta say, I really really like " Electric Butterfly" - great tonalities in that one, the guitar sounds excellent in my opinion, even though sometimes it feels that the recording is too distorted.
Overall, dude, keep working in them, I really like how you compose a track, and when you get to the point of professionally recording them, I think they'll be awesome .