lol would like to hear your stories of performing or playing while high, drunk..

i've tried playing guitar while high, and while buzzed and can't,
A post like this would have been more suited to the pit.

I don't get high.
But I can be so drunk I can't pronounce my name, and play everything flawlessly.
"The mind is everything. What you think, you become."
"State-Dependent Memory" is when you're drunk and suddenly you remember this thing you did the last time you were drunk. It applies to music too - if you play loads of guitar when you're drunk, you'll be better at it next time you're drunk.

Personally I don't drink before a gig unless I'm eating a meal so I don't get drunk, or if the crowd is super rowdy and a little sloppiness won't matter too much.
When writing or practicing I don't feel any extra creativity from being drunk. I might sip a whiskey though.

Y'know when you're high and its like you can't communicate with a sober person. That's how it feels to be high on stage. I've also tried busking high and we got through one song and went home. I would advise against it. Not as much fun as playing sober.

Creatively though, it can be a useful tool for writing. I had 2 days to score a short film and on the first day I wrote blazed till 3am. The second day I recorded and mixed everything sober and handed it in.
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We get free drinks when we play, I never drink much until after the 1st set,the drummer drinks from the moment he gets there and is shit by the end, getting worse every song and thinking he's getting better. As for high, for me it's more like when have I ever done a gig and not smoked before, I think never.
Or you could be professional and not drink or get high until after your set. But, hey, why would anyone ever worry about professionalism when it coming to playing music?!