hey guys i was wondering if anyone can tell me what all goes into the B.C. Rich Beast(not the Son of Beast or Warbeast but the actual Beast) ive been looking for one but i cant find them anywhere so i was hoping someone could tell me what all they are made of and the specific dimensions and what not so i could try my hand at building one (i already have a son of beast so i know the basic shape and what not but i dont know the materials and sizing)
I found a lot of them on Kijiji (canada) , ebay and if you're in the UK I'm sure they pop up on gumtree every now and then.

I got a BC Rich Beast NJ series on kijiji about 8 years ago.

ok so here's what it is
Tuners - bc rich dicast or grover 18:1 tuners (grovers are better)
the best nuts for them are graphtech tusq
24 jumbo frets (nickel silver)
rosewood or ebony fretboards. I like rosewood more but ebony has a unique sound
maple necks 90% of the time - U or D shaped depending on model
gloss polyurethane finish or satin - satin is like bronze series beasts
bolt on construction on the cheaper ones . I.T. (invisible bolt) or neckthrough depending on model.

pickups - rockfield made a set, BC Rich BDSM (insanely high output) or the EMG 81/85 set
bridge - floyd rose licensed , floyd rose original 1000 , wraparound or tuneomatic - depending on model

wood - agathis (bronze series) , Nato (middle eastern mahogany) on the WMD and NJ deluxe series and on my NJ series this weird wood I haven't heard of anywhere else (I've worked on guitars the last 8 or so years) called chesswood. It comes down to preference. Mahogany is excellent for that darker sound.

electronics wise nothing special
500k potentiometers - CTS or bournes go with
0.047uf mylar capacitors - go with orange drop or malory paper film capacitors
22 awg wire - no big deal about wire
I forget the best selector switches you can go with but they don't matter much
switchcraft input jacks
copper shield the guitar for the best possible sound

for the sizing though.. I'm not much of a carpenter so I'm not 100% sure. It would be very difficult to describe every turn and so forth. There has to be a DIY project. There is a company in Orillia Ontario (Canada) that has a warlock knock off on their website as a DIY you paint and so forth.

lmao if someone paid me I'd totally go to the dollar store and trace it with a large thick piece of paper .. bristol board i think they call it? we all did science fair projects.
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