Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat vs Fender Tim Armstrong Deluxe!

which one should i pick?

or should i reconsider Epiphone ej200ce again? (im lefthanded btw)
Choice by other's is subjective. Let your ears be the judge. Cheers
Idk, but I think you could do better than fender in that price range. Try lots of guitars in different stores.

Also, questions like these are like posting 2 makes and models of pants and asking the public which pair you should buy.

They need to suit your style you want, and fit you. I can't tell you which pants are the best for you to buy.
Okay I understand what you're saying , but my question is if there is a noticeable difference sound wise , or is it just the layout that differs? (Hellcat and deluxe)
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Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat vs Fender Tim Armstrong Deluxe!

which one should i pick?

or should i reconsider Epiphone ej200ce again? (im lefthanded btw)
Well, the Fender is all mahogany including the top, and is smaller than a dreadnought.

The EJ-200SCE, (which I own in left handed model), is (a humongous) maple body with a spruce top.

I don't see much point in splitting hairs between the two. They're entirely different animals, and you just have to pick one over the other, depending on what your ears and eyes tell you.

I can tell you the new lefty EJ-200's are well made, sound good, and have a unique stereo pickup system which sounds great plugged in.

The Hellcat is going to be way (?) brighter, with less bottom.

I have no idea what you mean by the, "deluxe model". All I'm aware of is a 6 string and a 12 string. Both are available in right or left handed orientation.

I think I'd stay away from the "Dick Dale Signature" (which is allegedly deluxe), It's all laminate for 600 bucks or so.

I will tell you that Epiphone left hand models come and go fairly quickly. I'm sort of convinced they've built all they intend to, and I doubt if they'll reverse the assembly line for another run. I could be talking out my ass, but I've seen the lefty Dot and Sheraton come and go over the past few years.

I have a Fender "Sonoran" along with the EJ-200. The day to day selling price is the same, ($429.95) but the Epiphone has nicer appointments and more attention to detail. (Headstock and neck binding, better tuners and such).

If you want a jumbo, you might also look at the Epi, "Inspired by Texan", which has a solid back as well as the top. (Personally though, I think the Ej-200 is way cooler looking. Whatever that counts for).

FWIW, Fender punishes you $100.00 to sell you the lefty Hellcat 12 string. While Epiphone only bumps the LH EJ-200 price up 30 bucks. Methinks that's rather sporting of them, if nothing else.
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Here's the deluxe :

Here's the original hellcat :

I've heard nothing but positive about the sound of the fender ones , but I've heard mixed reviews on the epiphone Ej200ce which puts me in doubt.

I can't test any if them , as my local guitar boutique doesn't have a single one in stock :/

( I play mostly fingerpicking and soft acoustic stuff)
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I see the difference. The "Deluxe" model seem to be stereo, and it gets rid of those nasty skull position markers. (Luv 'em or hate 'em, they are unique).

However, you're showing me a right handed guitar for close to 500 bucks. Does this even come left handed?

I quite agree about the Hellcat's reputation. People at this forum who normally wouldn't recommend a Fender acoustic, give that one a nod.

As for the EJ-200, since late 2011, (IIRC), they've been solid tops! The guitar has been around for quite a while, and prior to that date, they were all laminate. The lam top models are mostly the ones with the lukewarm reviews. The reviews on the lefties, which are most surely solid topped, have been quite enthusiastic. (Of course every time we left handed guitarists are thrown a bone, especially one as big as the EJ-200, we pretty much have a parade to celebrate).

I've had mixed luck with my Sonoran. The 6 in line tuners are cheap, low ratio affairs, the neck isn't bound, and the sound board is puffed up a fair amount, which forced me to sand the saddle down to a point where it should be, much later in the guitar's lifetime. Although, it does sound good and play well. I'm not terribly excited about Fishman's basic electronics package, they seen to inhale batteries.

But it sounds and plays quite well.

My Fender is the reason I'm a bit reticent to jump on top of a car with a bullhorn and shout the Hellcat's praises.

And of course, your results may vary. We have plenty of people coming here praising the Fender CD-100, the CD-140 and so forth.

As far as not being able to test your potential purchases, I share your frustration. But, it's something you'll have to make peace with, or learn to play guitar again, except "backwards" this time... .