This is my first post on the forum so bear with me. I wanted to buy an electric guitar for beginners. So far I have drill down to 3 models of the guitar:

1.) Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar
2.) Fender Squier 0300510505 Deluxe Stratocaster (Hot Rail Pickups)
3.) Fender Squier 0300500523 Deluxe Stratocaster (Duncan SC-10B pickups)

Can you please help me decide the best one to buy between the above 3. I basically wanted to play all kind of tones since I am still in the learning phase.

To accompany the guitar, I am going to buy a Fender Mustang 10 W Amp.

Let me know if you know better amp.

Having tried some Epiphone LP Special II's a few years back, I would not recommend them. I don't think they're good value quality-wise, and my very personal opinion is that they are horrible looking things no-one should be forced to own. :-)

The Squier Deluxe Stratocaster is a decent guitar though. Very versatile. If you want to play anything heavier, like Iron Maiden or such, I would recommend the Hot Rail-version, but the regular one is good for everything up to heavy rock really. Can't really go wrong with a Stratocaster. Probably the safest choice there is.

If you're not dead set on those 3 options, I think the Squier Vintage Modified Series also are some fine instruments in the same pricerange (where you can also get a HSS-version sort of getting in the middle of the two Squiers you listed here), as is Yamaha Pacifica 112V's.
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The Epiphone Special series guitars are pretty awful. Their build quality, assembly and finish tend to be subpar, they feel and play like a cheap toy, and don't sound good at all.

Go for one of the Squier Deluxe guitars, they're usually a safe bet. Try them both and see which one feels better to you, since they're both good guitars.
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From your choices I would go for one of the Squiers. I would probably go for the hotrails one just because it is not your standard strat and will give you some different tones. ( I have a strat already so your mileage may vary)

Epiphones are not that great in their base models so you need to get something like an SG 400 to get a decent one that will do right by you.

For amps maybe try a headphone amp. If you have an I phne or apple computer get an interface and use the amp sims in rock band. Itherwise look at a pocket pod or a korg pandora.

the one with hot rail pickups is going to sound the best through the amp but try all 3 and see which is best for you. Why I'm saying hot rail pickups is simple.. no 60 cycle hum in isolated positions like 1/3/5.

Also.. check around there is a lot of amazing brands out there besides just squier and epiphone. LTD , Schecter, Agile, PRS (fender/gibson pretty much fused). I can go on forever. As long as you like the sound of the guitar honestly it can say anything on the headstock and it can ahve any parts as long as you're getting that sound.

I say this a lot on here for guys who still buy from shops. I'm far from a cheap person but think about tit for a second... what is new? that guitar everyone around the block has handled and played welcome to the jungle and master of puppets. One that is out of the box in musicansfriend is only new until you do that first chord on it. Sort of like driving a Maybach out of the car dealership. Used guitars will save you money and not everyone is selling beat up pieces of crap. I bought a 50 watt marshall for about 100$ (it was worth 3x that) and a bun of Jackson and BC Rich guitars for 2-4x less than retail. You don't see deals like that every day and it's not the money we save at the end of the day but to put things into perspective about buying used off of classifieds. Honestly though I've never found a fender amp I liked either.. that or Line 6. The best 10-15 watt I had was a 15 watt marshall The MG15 series whatever it is now.

there is sites like
gumtree- UK
kijiji - canada
craigslist - North america

good luck , at the end of the day if it sounds great and you look forward to playing something you're excited about that is what matters.