Hello! I am looking for a second guitar for drop tuning. My main guitar is a Caparison TAT 2 which has a Floyd Rose-tremelo, so I mainly keep this in standard tuning. So, I am going to buy a second guitar for drop d tuning. I have been looking at some Schecter models and I wonder which one you guys think I should go for.
what is your budget and where are you located?

You can buy a EVH D-tuna that will allow you to switch to drop D if the FR trem is flush mounted and not recessed.
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Schecters are always good for drop-tuned metal. Get something at a decent price, with the specs you want, with active pups. Hellraisers kind of seem to be their standard guitar, but they have higher-quality guitars beyond.
I bought a Variax JTV-89F.

All the downtuning you can stand and you can use the Floyd for every one of them.
Yea, I am thinking about getting a Hellraiser. I have found a used one (5 year old) for a pretty decent price, but I am not sure if its worth getting it or just buying a brand new one.
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I live in Norway and my budget is something around 1400$.

I don't know what the differences in pricing on guitars might be for y'all compared to here in El Lay. For example, they've dropped the price on the JTV-89F down to $1199 pretty much everywhere, plus I can get 15% off from most online dealers (especially if you've done business with them before), which will help me avoid the 9% local sales tax. In addition, Line 6 is offering a $150 cash rebate on all of their Variax guitars. That brings the final price down to around $870 for that particular model. The other Variax guitars are mostly cheaper (by about $200) to start with. All will downtune as much as an octave per string, but only the 89F comes with a Floyd (if that matters to you) and the 89 and 89F are the only ones in the line with jumbo frets, a 24-fret board, a 16" radius and hot magnetic pickups.
A new Variax JTV-89F costs around 2000$ here. Things are significantly more expensive here But I dont think its the kind of guitar im looking for.
You have a Caparison with a FR; a budget of @$1400; live in Norway. You want a second axe for Drop D.

I'm assuming metal, yeah?

Schecter guitars are an obvious go-to. In that price range, you should also consider other metal standards like BC Rich, Dean, and Fernandes. DBZ would be another obvious option, maybe Minarik.

Some of the Godin Redlines could fit your needs, too.

Unless you must have active pickups, one of the Reverends with RailHammer's Chisel and/or Anvil pickups might work for you.

Do you want another FR, or do you want a hardtail?
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