I love the beat you build off of.

I would compress the lead guitar a little; at its loudest, it takes up too much of the mix.

Other than that, not much to say. I liked this, it was pretty chill and fun to listen to.

C4C? Links are in my sig.
thank for the feedback
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Yeah, that's a really smooth tone. However, I was kinda expecting the guitar to build up a little at the end, instead of just throwing around unconnected licks. I could picture a whole spacey jam that culminates in an all out noise-fest of chorusy phaser stuff. The drum beat was pretty cool.

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I'm immediately impressed by the gorgeously generous grandly golden guitar tone, big, bold, and beautiful. Concordance flits and flirts with slightly strange discordant notes and haunting harmonies. Supported by a gently importunate beat and a soft, subtly edgy bass, this piece effortlessly creates a shimmered landscape of odd wonder and faintly familiar weirdness. Excellently played guitar, sensitively nuanced and poetically phrased, completes this darkly original tone picture, full of an almost palpable atmosphere and vivid vision.
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