Well it's been a very long time since i've done anything on guitar, so I decided to do something a little different. Experimented with a lot of different styles and ideas i've never tried before. I've been doing a lot of structured songs that people have said are too repetitive so this time I tried to cram as many riffs as I could into a longer song. There's still a couple repeating riffs here and there but I try to change them up each time the best I could. I like this song, after listening to it with some fresh ears I kind of wish it was longer, maybe a better ending. And also could use some vocals here and there to really complete it. But overall I dig it. Any feedback would be great, and I will gladly C4C. Thanks for the listens :P

Nice track man. Very well mixed - nice and clear sound without loosing the filth on the guitars. I think the clean guitar around 2:10 could have stood to be a little louder - it got a little swamped.

Composition wise, there are some sweet riffs floating around. I'm not particularly into instrumental tracks most of the time but this did keep my attention. The only thing I would say is - at times it felt a little too much like you were trying to change too much. Particularly towards the end there were some changes that didnt feel right to me. The execution was fine but it sounded like going backwards and forwards between different styles that didnt quite gel.

Anyway, thats just my opinion. Overall I think it is a well written, performed, and mixed piece. Nice work.

Audio quality is quite good, and the playing is tight per usual. Glad it wasn't all djent (which in my eyes is playing the same chord 500 times in a row), because I like to hear some melodies, which you have. I would have made the nicely melodic lead guitar louder. At ~2:30 (and similar) it was really rockin'! Drums fit the style very well. Well done! Please review my music at this link:

I actually found this song on my stream this morning. It's recorded so tightly. I think the best riff in the song is that groove at 3:20. I can't wait to hear your final stuff.

Here's my latest song (it's an instrumental) Hangman For Hire . My signature has a link to my other songs as well. I'd love to hear your opinion in my thread.