Spent a couple of hours writing this, mainly the solos and the texturing of the song.
Best listened to on GP5 with RSE enabled.
Please tell me what you guys think.
Especially regarding the solos.
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At bar 10 I was expecting some kind of simple intro solo, with a slide in. Bar 18 it would have a bend upwards on a semi-high note.
First verse bass is far too bland, it could definitely be doing something interesting here. Typically with guitar lines like the one in this intro, that just repeat the same thing over and over, there's some kind of bass solo going on, or the bass is at least rolling around the fretboard in a sexy sounding way.
Bar 26 the guitar finally changes a bit, which maybe could have come in sooner. The way it was for the first 24 measures is fine, if there's a lead guitar line or a dynamic bassline going on to help create an interesting background to the vocals.
Transitions to chorus just fine as is, but damn man at least give me a drum fill. i'm also picturing a lead guitar helping to transition into the chorus.
Chorus is entirely uninteresting. It could be made a lot better by being an 8-bar repetition rather than a 4-bar, where it hits more chords than just G and E. Just G and E could work though, the guitar line is basically set up to accommodate an octave lead line
The solo immediately following feels out of place. I think what would work better here is going straight into the verse from the chorus, and using a variation of the solo here as an underlying lead line in the verse.
The palm mutes in the second verse are nice.
second chorus.
solo over chorus riff, it's okay. the way it just keeps stopping on a held note frustrates me, i want it to continue moving along through some more measures at some point
buildup-Finally a (slight) change of chords
bar 137 the solo gets interesting here and maintains a level of interest til the end, i like it.
the final solo maybe goes on for too many measures. or perhaps it's just the chord progression that goes for the whole buildup and final solo is what's going on too long
The buildup adds a little bit of tension before the solo, but not much. I'm not sure what would be better for this last section.

so, great basis for a song. Needs a lot more lead guitar, which doesn't mean solo sections
Bass guitar has a lot of room for improvement