Hey there, I've been looking to put new tuners on my SG Standard after swapping the minEtune machine heads for Gibson brand Klusons. I was thinking of putting on Tone Pro Klusons but they have the same 15:1 ratio as the Gibson branded ones. Anyone know if they actually do perform better though? I was also looking to put locking tuners on that didn't require drilling new holes and retain that classic look. The Tone Pro Klusons that lock look ridiculous and seem like it'd be easy to have a string slip. I found some Gotoh's that were what I wanted but I think they'd only fit older models. Any suggestions?
They're the same, iirc, Gibson just has their name stamped on the others.
if the holes are 10mm (you'll see nuts and washers) I'd go with Grovers , locking sperzel , Schallers or something else. I can understand trying to keep it all Gibson but I'd just go with better parts.

If they are 9.14mm holes (you'll see grommets) vintage style grovers all the way.

At the end of the day say 18:1 gear ratio is what I look for. Reviews online are very biased at times because it's mostly 5 or 1 stars. One of the newest ones out is by graphtech and it's a different ratio per string tuner. It's sort of interesting.

Schaller, sperzel and grover have been around for 30+ years making after market parts for a reason. Put grovers on a cheap chinese guitar I warm up with and it pretty much never goes out of tune. As for locking vs non-locking. I'd go non-locking. The only thing locking helps is keeping strings on the tuners when re-stringing the guitar shop way which can be a pain.
^ I'm not so much trying to keep it strictly Gibson, but keep it looking classic. I've found some Schallers and Gotohs that have the keystone peg, but the ratio is only 16:1. Can get either in a locking tuner, would anyone recommend either of these?
Good thinking about as long as it works well.

Gotoh and Schaller absolutely. I haven't used Gotoh personally but the Ibanez guys seem to swear by them. The big concern is to check and see if the holes are the same and if the screw holes will line up. This trim lok sperzel set for example have these unorthodox holes.

But.. say for example you find a good deal on something. you get always get after market knobs for the guitar for a few of the big brands on ebay from the seller taimatsu. But why spend the extra cash right? Just something to consider. I've done business with him 2 or 3 times (10 or so knob sets).