I've blocked my floyd rose recently it's not floating any more it's just resting on the block .. So , do i have to still use the locking nut ?
Would be nice if i could just tune the guitar normally without using the fine tuners
You don't, but wouldn't the fine-tuners be easier for you?
Well ... Idk maybe..
But even if use the fine tuners the locking nut isn't necessary anymore , right ?
The only reason for the locking nut is to provide a solid anchor point for the floating bridge to pull against. Once it is blocked from moving in either direction there is no more need for that anchor and a bone nut would work fine!
It depends - one of the advantages of using a locking nut is you can get away with shit tuners. Not many brands would abuse that, but still. Check if your tuners are halfway decent. If yes, you can leave your nut unlocked.
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If there was no need for a Floyd, I'm wondering why anyone would buy a guitar that has one?

That said, the locking nut will usually provide better tuning stability than without; most tuning issues originate in the nut on most guitars. You don't HAVE to use the locking nut (there are even Floyd-equipped guitars that don't have them, ordered that way from the factory). You CAN simply take the top pieces (the locking bits) off the nut and use the guitar that way. And you can still use the fine tuners as well.

And then you will have the same issues that any non-Floyded guitar has with maintaining tuning.
I'd prefer to use the FR tuners and still lock it, unless I drop tune every hour.

Yeah, I have great machine heads and no need for them as it's always locked, never bother wrapping them good either. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to winding non FR guitars though.
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If there was no need for a Floyd, I'm wondering why anyone would buy a guitar that has one?

Because that was the only king v in the shop...
you will most likely have tuning issues with the nut unlocked. keep in mind that the Floyd nut is not designed to work like a regular nut. if you have the top part of the locking mech still in place the strings can get caught on them. if you remove them then there really isn't much holding the strings on the nut slots.
I lock mine and use the fine tuners.

keep it on. I mean I had a floyd rose original blocked for about a year and kept the locking nut on and had no problems. Plus in case you miss parts. I've got a bit of Obsessive compulsive disorder where I kept the whammy bar and locking nut on when mine was blocked but now since I own about 11 guitars I have it floating again.