Picked up this Cortez guitar for $60 today. The headstock appears to be a straight rip of the Gibson Flying V, but the body shape is unique. I can't find anything close to it online. I can't tell if the body has been modified or if it's stock. It has a nice set of Schaller tuners on it. No idea what the pickups are, but the poles appear to be fully adjustable with a hex key or allen wrench. Anyone seen one of these or have some info?

One of the pots has a code of 1377114. Looks like that would date it to 1971? Not sure if it's original or not.
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Looks like somebody took a saw to a flying V.

This is exactly what happened.

My only question:

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This is exactly what happened.

My only question:


I've seen this done before. In several cases, the V was damaged. But the reason most often given was that the V was just an unwieldy guitar. I'd like to know if this one is neck-heavy (I'm guessing it's likely).
Anyone remember that picture that was circulating of the cut-to-shit BC Rich Mockingbird? It looked like they were trying to go for a Steinberger effect.
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Almost looks like a V with the wings cut off and refinished lol


No further explanation required.
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So the body and pickguard were likely modified. They also removed one of the pots, as the original had 3 pots. The pickups look similar to Dimarzio Super D or Dual Sound pickups. There are no markings on them, however. The bridge is stamped "Japan" on the underside. As far as I can tell, that's it for markings. Does the pot code seem accurate? Were these companies around in the early 70's? Seems like an odd timeline, as the V wasn't popular until later, correct?
Doesn't matter what the pot says, at this point anything on the guitar could have been replaced with whatever they had laying around (including junk pots from 1970).

I doubt you'll really ever be able to accurately date it.
Oh, and my guess as to what happened: they took a V and made a "travel" guitar out of it.