So, I've had some pretty bad luck with transformers. Power transformers, mostly. The first time was my fault. Apparently, I was pushing too much gain through the amp. So said the manufacturer. Okay, sure. Lesson learned. The second time, I genuinely don't know what happened. It just quit. That was on a preamp.

Now, this time it's happened again with another amp. My Randall Diavlo RD45H turned on for a few seconds, made a couple of loud "pops," and turned off. My first assumption is that this is the power transformer. However, the last 2 times now, I've NO IDEA what is going on. The jacks were all plugged in properly, the power in this house is fine, and the humidity isn't a problem, either. Being the 3rd transformer that's went out, I've GOT to be doing something wrong. Can I get some help?

Dry signal chain
8OHM matching speaker plugged into the single 8OHM output
As stated, the power in this house is fine
Drive set to around 1 o'clock with boost on in the OD channel
Master volume has mostly been set around 7 o'clock - Pretty low
OD volume has also been set pretty low for the majority of it's life
Clean gain, again, has been set pretty low most of the time

This thing is 6 months old, so it's covered by warranty, but good god...I don't think this should be happening with every amp I come by...3 different amps by 3 different manufacturers. Peavey, ENGL, and now Randall. What am I doing, or am I just having the worst luck in the world?

EDIT: It's also relevant that I've always hit the power switch and waited around 30 seconds before flipping the standby switch on.
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Okay, so it was a fuse. I replaced that, switched the outlet that it was plugged into, and it blew another one. =/ Looks like it's drawing too much juice. I suppose I send it in.
I wish I could help you, but I'm not an amp tech. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong. I don't think running your amp too loud has anything to do with it -- they wouldn't design an amp that will fail if you turn it up halfway. Anyway -- good luck! (Free up, I guess. )
Most likely, the power tubes are ****ed.
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Most likely, the power tubes are ****ed.


Also be sure you are actually using a speaker cable to hook to the cab and not an instrument cable. If you're using an instrument cable it could possibly be causing your constant problems with the PT.