I really like to add key changes to songs, they make them sound "Fresh".

As an example my VERSE and CHORUS are in different keys and they change.

Is this very bad if i do it like that? Also when i go into solos i change keys with band.

Is this annoying or ok?
It's not bad at all.

If you like it and it sounds good then don't worry about what other people think so much.

No one could give you any specific feedback without hearing the song itself anyway but generally speaking there is nothing wrong with key changes and it can be a very effective technique.
in some genres it's not rare to change keys in the middle of a tune

do whatever suits you
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The only place you can put key changes is in the middle of a song so it's ok.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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The only place you can put key changes is in the middle of a song so it's ok.


Yes, if you think the key change sounds great, go for it! There's no right or wrong. What sounds good is good. Don't write your music to fit some kind of rules because there really are no rules.

If you have listened to Def Leppard, they use modulations pretty often (most of the time so that verse and chorus are in different keys), especially on the Hysteria album.
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Does it sound good, to do a key change? Then do a key change.

That is the one and only rule that matters when it comes to deciding whether to do key changes.
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