FS Kinman Impersonator 54 loaded SSS pickguard with Kinman K9 wiring harness

This is a loaded pickguard with a set of 3 Kinman Impersonator 54 version 3 pickups along with Kinman's K9 wiring harness, which provides 9 sounds. The 2nd tone control is a blender control that enables the neck pickup in positions 1 & 2 to get the bridge+neck pickup combination or all 3 pickups together. The 2nd tone control also has a push pot that combines the bridge & middle pickups in series when in position 2 (and the neck pickup can be blended in with that as well). The pole pieces in these pickups are staggered for a fretboard radius between 7 to 14 inches.

I've owned these for about a year and decided to go with a different set of pickups & electronics. These pickups are hum-canceling pickups and are made to have classic '54 Stratocaster tone. I think they do a fairly good job of that. See Kinman's web site (http://www.kinman.com) for more information. The pickguard is a white pearl with 11 screw holes, which should fit most modern American and Mexican made Stratocasters.

The 9 pickup combinations provided by the K9 wiring:
  • The usual Stratocaster 5 combinations (bridge, bridge & middle, middle, middle & neck, neck)
  • Bridge & neck
  • All 3 pickups together
  • Bridge & middle in series
  • Bridge & middle in series with neck pickup in parallel

Asking $310, including shipping.

I have made Kinman's K9 harness install guide & functional description PDFs available with these links:
K9 install guide
K9 functional description