I've purchased the full Tab Pro Service, ~$40. I thought there would be a way to download the files and then open them into Tab Pro HD on the iPad and iPhone.

I've not yet downloaded the iphone or ipad apps. I'm willing to pay for them.

When i'm logged into ProTab, i see no place to download a file.

Can i log into the iPad or iPhone apps to get the songs on the ipad or iphone?

Also, i planned to pay the $19 for the desktop version also and know i need to download the file for that application to work.

it looks like there are many different options of applications, files, etc.
http://app.ultimate-guitar.com/apps/ and i cannot figure out the right suite of apps.

What is the right approach for what i've described above, namely i'm not cheap and just trying to figure out how to get songs on a good application on my desktop (is that http://goplayalong.com/) and iphone and ipad using the Tab Pro service i've paid for.

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