I find it very strange that many people who review/demo equipment (generally a pedal, an amp, a guitar) only play something that is in the blues genre (like seriously almost every video you could find). Is there some unspoken rule that you must play blues when reviewing? In my opinion it makes sense to play a multitude of different genres to really give someone a good idea of the versatility of the thing. I understand that many people like the blues and (I believe) is relatively easy to pick up compared to jazz, but that doesn't mean you can't help other people out by playing a different genre.
And of course there is exceptions, I am just saying for the vast majority of reviews I have found this result.
I really hate equipment demoer videos because usually they just play a bunch of garbage metal/blues riffs which sound like a complete mess and it cringes me out
It's not surprising that it sounds bad because all guitar music sounds bad

they play like shit so shit players will want to buy the shit
Legato and fluidity in your playing is where it's at

I'd agree that it would be better if they played a variety of styles, but my main gripe is when people talk too much, instead of demonstrating the gear.

"This knob will give you the tone of the gods....but I won't demonstrate it. I'm just going to talk about it instead."
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I mean... Nothing will give you the same perspective as going into a B and M store and sampling equipment, people who buy and expect something from a product based on reviews are jokes. I don't buy... how shall I put this.... Artistic equipment anywhere besides in a store where I can pick it up and play with it before purchasing. Everything else like audio interfaces, some microphones (like my Behringer C-1) sound reinforcement equipment, I accept that I'm taking a f***-blunder by purchasing it online according to specs and stuff... It also helps that I generally can figure out how to fix/improve damage on equipment.
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