So, i just scraped together some cash, and im on the search for a new guitar. I've always wanted a lp shaped one, so i pretty much want one like that, but i would also consider V and Explorer shapes (not the esp ones, those are to pointy). I kinda want to stay away from strat and other doublecut shapes, since i already have one like that, and im not really a big fan of the shape. Also, no deans, since the headstock is hideous, except on the Mustaine signatures. I mainly play metal, and i would use this guitar for gigs as my main axe, since my current guitar plays amazingly well, and i dont wanna wreck it on stage accidently.

I was thinking about the LT EC401, aince when i compared the neck specs, they seem pretty much spot on with my current one (ibanez SZ320). And since it already has EMG's installed, it seems evem ore apropriate. Another one that came to mind was the matt heafy signature epiphone, since its in pretty much the same price range, but i have not yet played an epi whose neck i liked. There is also a guy selling a LTD EC1000T/CTS for around 650€. Now that seems like a good deal to me, and i would gladly get it, but i noticed that it doesnt have the body cutaway that the 401s have, so it has a more dificult upper fret acces.

So anyway, what do you guys think is my best choice? My budget tops out at 700€, and i live in central europe, so you have to remember that european prices are somewhat higher. It would be nice if it had EMGs in it, but its really not a requirement. And it would be nice it its a single cut shape. If anyone is wondering, im gonna play it through a JetCity JCA50 head, and i really like the current tone im getting out of it, so thats why im kinda partial to EMG's.

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Personally EMG's sound really compressed to my ears and not very dynamic, but it whatever works... If you like the guitar I'd go for it, however I love these for the money...


Has a V shaped neck if that's a downer. I love the Dimarzio Super Distortion as a pickup though.
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I've taken EMG pickups out of more guitars than I can recall. I hate the sound of them through a good solid state or tube amp. If you do settle for actives swap them to seymour duncan blackouts asap. I like the blackouts more because they are more articulant, in other words you get more of a contrast going between sounds on the amp. Say lots of treble to scooping out the mids or whatever it's more versatile pickups in my opinion.

however if EMG pickups you're into 18 volt mod the basic 81 85 or 81 60 set. more power goes into the pickup (they test them at 36v) so the extra 9v isn't gonna hurt them. It's so popularly done it's on wikipedia. Don't do this to blackouts or the newly updated EMG pickups like the X or TWX series.

the only LTD Eclipse (EC) I would recommend is the EC-1000 CTM the CTM is slang for custom but they won't officially admit it. Biggest reason is the thickness of it as it is that of a gibson les paul custom. This comes from a guy who hates Gibson by the way but thick bodies work for Les Pau l for some reason. I had an EC-500 I bought from a friend who hangs out with Meshuggah all the time and ended up selling it 2 weeks later (it wasn't signed or anything to prove it but the guys popular).

BUT... before you buy... ever hear of the edwards series ESP has? they are all over ebay and if you're an online shopper check them out on ebay one guy sells tones of them. Edwards have all very high end parts and everything. They are made in Japan too. Stay away from their grassroots series though ESP has I may be wrong (it's 4am when I'm writing this) but they are crappy japan only market ones. Why we never really hear about them is grassroots and edwards cannot sell outside of japan due to copyright. But we can sure as hell buy them.
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Take a look at Fernandes. Good axes, MiK or MiJ, depending. Most of their product line is designed with harder genres of rock music in mind. Most models have at lest one version equipped with EMGs.
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