Hey all, not sure where to put this thread, but I am on the search for a cheap (under $150) MIDI keyboard/controller that will help me to produce the styles of but not limited to:
Dawn Golden, Houses, The 1975.
Also, what kind of VST's do you guys think they are using?
I got the Line 6 Mobilekeys 49 for $50 new from GuitarCenter.
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Recording gear:
Yahama Hs8
Saffire Pro 40
Shure Sm57
Shure Sm7b

Guitar gear :
Ebmm BFR7
Axe fx XL+
Walrus audio Janus
Ibanez Ergodyne
Black Market Custom cab
When I was looking a while back, a few of the ones on this list were recommended.


Particularly the Korg one. That said, I don't really know much about midi controllers and didn't end up buying one cause I had other stuff I needed to spend my money on first. So you'd be better off waiting for the more knowledgeable people to respond.
I got a Novation Launchkey 25 for pretty cheap at GC (~$10 after trade in and discounts. I think it was on sale for ~$120 to begin with). Looks like it's going for like ~$80 on eBay right now.

I run it through Ableton for tracking drums and keys (and controlling plugins occasionally). It's got wheels for pitch-shifting and modulation as well as 8 knobs you can map (you can map the wheels and certain keys as well).

It's not bad. It's not the most durable thing in the world (very cheap components. The only thing that feels relatively nice on it are the keys themselves), but it definitely does the job. I'm thinking of upgrading to a 49 after Christmas (has some more do-dads. Goes for ~$150 on eBay..)

As far as cheaper midi controllers go, I'm happy with it. I had an AKAI MPK25 before that. There's far more you can map with that, but the keys were shit and it was hard to play. I think running something actually playable (like the Novation. Maybe a KORG) next to an AKAI APC40 for controlling parameters, samples, and faders would be pretty ideal for making any sort of music where VSTs and real-time mixing would be needed/useful.

Anyway, I'm sure there are more knowledgeable people here, but I figured I'd chime in with some cheaper options