Just picked up a Yamaha 311H (My First Guitar), the thing is awesome, but there is one problem, it is without the WHAMMY. Ive got a few hundred bucks to spare and i was wondering if anybody had any experience with the 311H/similar pacificas and if so, what kind of trem is easily installed without any kind of routing or body mods.
Would appreciate any help (i apologise prematurely if the answer is stupidly simple)
one pacifica I had which was a 112V Yamaha pacifica what fit it was a Kahler whammy bar believe it or not (kahlers are rare). But best to bring it into a shop and see what they can replace it with. The 2$ kind from china fits a lot of guitars surprisingly like squiers in the 80s to recent Slammer and so forth guitars.

to answer the replacement question
if it's a 6 bolt (there will be 6 bolts in front)..you're in luck the cheapest kind on ebay will do the trick. A used Made in mexico kind. As long as there is 6 bolts you'll be fine. Perhaps the ebay seller Bezdez if shipping isn't too much has a roller strat bridge. The parts the strings sit on have little wheels to prevent strings from breaking. Perhaps. The heavier the bridge the better.

if the guitar doesn't stay in tune more than a week of casual playing grover mini rotomatic tuners are an excellent investment too. I put them on dirt cheap guitars and had excellent results.

for the few hundred a good amp like the Marshall MG and a Line 6 pod XT on ebay or local classifieds will take you a long way. The Line 6 pod what it does is it plugs into your guitar like a very smart guitar pedal and you can sound like practically any rockstar... but.. here's the great thing you can cycle through the tones you make or download off of their website. So one second purple haze by Jimi Hendrix the solo to say death metal or smooth jazz. They are in the 80-150$ range (american). Some of them have foot pedals for wah and so forth too.

it simulates 100+ amplifiers , has 100+ effects , you can alter everything however you feel as well, like oh no this megadeth tone isn't heavy enough then you can add more gain and get it just right.

any questions about guitars send me a message I have worked on 100s of guitars.
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I don't know if there's anything that'll be easily installed without mods. A stetsbar (I haven't tried them) might be worth a look (not certain it'll work, so don't quote me), but they're pretty expensive.

with a fairly cheap guitar like a 311 i'd just get another guitar. the amount of money you're going to have to put into it is likely to be a false economy.

(I'm no luthier so there might be some cheaper way round it, but I'm not aware of any off-hand, at least.)
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oh ok for the Pacifica I just googled it as I thought pacificas were just strat styled guitars with 6 bolt tremolos. This is different in a good way in terms of sounds.

if it's a string through body like google suggests I'd see what a guitar shop will suggest. In most cases I'd honestly just get another guitar thankfully christmas is around the corner. Used guitar sites like craigslist, gumtee (UK), Kijiji (canada) and ebay to a certain degree are full of deals.

for a guitar like this a flat mounted kahler would be one idea because the less wood you cut out of the guitar the better. It's expensive though like for the bridge and work involved I'm afraid to find out haha...

the other option is getting les paul styled studs installed and then a Bigsby. This whammy bar would only go down though. The cheapest bigsby is 70$ american plus shipping from amazon. It's gonna be a lot cheaper then getting a ton of body work done to a guitar.

The digital option is the digitech Whammy pedal option but it's not as good as the real thing but you may find some use out of it.