Picked up the K28e - got a deal online; big purchase for not having played it, but excited to get it in a few day. Pics look amazing...

Wondering how comfortable the Grand Orchesta is in a seated position.
I don't think the GO is Taylor's biggest guitar. You might want cross check the specs with their "Grand Symphony". (I could be completely wrong. Just making conversation).

In any event, (and IMHO), jumbo bodies are more comfortable than your basic dreadnought. The jumbo's thinner waist fixes it in position across your leg better, and also allows the guitar to ride slightly lower in your lap.

Keep in mind the extra width of that big lower bout, is divided by 2, with the lower portion riding in nothing but thin air. (If the body is an inch wider, you only perceive it as being half that). The body depth is very similar to that of a dread.

I have an Epiphone EJ-200 SCE, (Epi's homage to the Gibson J-200), and it's bigger than either one of those Taylors. I enjoy playing it, and it's comfortable for me. I'm of average height for a man, (5'9"), so I have to assume I'm also of average wingspan.

What I've found to be more problematic playing while seated, are smaller body guitars. The waist gets closer to the end of the fret board as you shrink the body size overall, and your arm jambs against your side as you go toward the higher registers.

Besides, you can always tilt a jumbo in your lap and sort of strum across it going outward. Or, you can rest your upper arm on the top of the lower bout and swing from the elbow.

Anyhow if all of that is too obvious, I apologize.

Best of luck with your new axe, and be sure to post some pictures when you get it!

BTW, your new Taylor will make you fast friends with stepchildusmc. He's rabidly enthusiastic about them! Nay, perhaps verily addicted to them.
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Yes, the GO is Taylor's biggest size. It's the replacement for their old, traditional Jumbo shape. Also, it was the first major design handled by Taylor's new head builder, Andy Powers, who's taking over for Bob Taylor as he retires. Also, it's a great guitar. I've played a couple of them. They feel great. And they sound amazing. HUGE sound if you're a heavy strummer, but it also responds to a light touch much better than big shapes like that usual do. And all Koa... Holy crap you're in for a hell of a guitar. Congrats. I'm super jelly.