So I put new string on my gibson ES137 yesterday and the B and G string keeps making a kind of 'knocking clicking noise the same noise I someone's hear when I tune the G string' when I bend them. Guessing it needs a new nut? The nuts about 2 years old.
Probably just needs some lubrication. Get some graphite in there and see what happens. You can also re-shape the nut slot. Lots of options before replacement becomes necessary.
Was it re-strung properly? Did you check the strings are stretched out properly? Is the noise coming from the nut or saddle?
Yes it's ive restrung it probably but I've lost my cutters so some of the string G is sticking out and hitting the B string... I've streched them. And it's coming out from the nut.
Is the nut attached properly or is it loose when the strings aren't on? Is there any issues when bending other strings?
Had this problem with my brand new g&l. Didn't have a lubrication problem, the nut was just carved too wide. Was under warranty so I sent it down to Fullerton; they also discovered some uneven frets and are now replacing the whole neck. Very cool of them.

Anyways, if it's not a string or lube issue, and you can't file the nut without ruining the set up, a new one may be in order ultimately
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