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I want to set up my bass, it is a Cort Action. I have the right allen key for the truss rod but I can't adjust the action . I have read that Fender instruments need a 0.05mm but I don't know if that would work with my bass.
Yeah, that should work. All my basses (ranging from a 50 quid Ibanez to a Status) use the same allen key, just not sure what size. You can get a set of allen keys real cheap, so just try it, you can't really damage the saddles like you could the truss rod.
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Yea man, just go to a hardware store and by an allan key set. It's going to be really cheap. I doubt you could even buy one that small by itself. Most of them come fixed to a metal cover and fold out from it, instead of detaching, so that you don't lose them. Nifty.
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