I'm looking for a new axe! The three main guitars I am looking at are of three slightly different price ranges:

1. PRS se custom 24 Floyd - as the name entails a FR, 2 passive humbuckers with coil tapping, and 24 frets like I want - currently $873. I can get a 15% discount today but there will definitely be more as the holidays approach (based on last year maybe not quite as much as 15% off). I tried this and I really liked it but probably would prefer a somewhat tighter tone like the JS

2. Carvin DC127 - $1239 for a new one with a Floyd Rose, locking trem, 24 frets, and coil tapping like the other one, and a deep blue maple flame. I don't know much about the C22J and C22B pickups but if anyone can gimme some details that would be great.

3. Ibanez JS24P - $1499, I can get that 15% discount at Guitar Center which makes it roughly as much as the Carvin. I've never gotten to try this either but I really really like the chunky but crisp fat strat tone you get from it. Has Dimarzio Chopper in neck and Mo' Joe in bridge. All the features of the other two guitars plus High pass filter, and those pickups sound really good.

I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III. Just for the hell of it I'll mention that I also have a mustang II which I've been getting higher gain from. I have a weird pedal arrangement that makes it sound ten times better. Currently using an MIM Strat HH for 500 bucks.

I can either save a lot now and get the basic features I'm looking for with the PRS with pretty good pups, get the Carvin for a lot more whose pups I'm not certain about that I initially thought of getting, or pay a little more than that for the JS, with awesome tone (not tested with rig though), and more features. Keep in mind it's technically the compromise version. But by how much?

Advice? Choose PRS and get something even better than the JS24P later, get JS now, or Carvin? Thanks.
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