I am learning a song and have found that it sounds better on my electric unplugged. Not amazingly better but i definitely prefer the sound. Do you think maybe i should buy new strings for my acoustic? The acoustic is a squier sa 105, haven't changed the strings since i bought it. (which was in august). Is it due a string change?
I have been playing acoustic for about a year so i am average at playing
The guitar was bought from the guitarbitz website and apparently everything was all setup. All i know, is that when it arrived i loved it. I still do but i am thinking the sound isn't quite write.
I have never cleaned my strings
your guitar is an entry level all laminate axe, so don't expect miracles when it comes to tone. still, i find that changing to the right strings can help a surprising amount. i've had my best luck with all lam guitars using either martin silk and steels for warmth or DR rare phosphor bronze strings to add some brilliance. but after a year any strings could help. btw, if it's very humid where you are, that can affect tone, too.
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Well, i am in the uk where it is fairly cold
also have a damp issue in the house. Maybe that will affect it

The electric i have is an epiphone sg g400 and the song sounds better on that unplugged. I don't know how to explain it..
maybe i can send one of you guys an email with a recording of what i mean?
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here i uploaded it on soundcloud, comparing sound on acoustic and sound on electric unplugged
First off, you need your ears checked. (IMHO, of course). Or at least give some thought to what the difference is between acoustic and electric sound character.

To me, the SG just sounds thin and stringy, and sorely lacking harmonic character.

The acoustic needs to be restrung, period.

People have different tastes on, "The new string sound", of an acoustic. New strings are bright and twangy in a metallic sort of way.

Laminated acoustics tend to sound poorly, in the sense of presence and brilliance after the strings are broken in.. Plus, they go through strings faster than would an all solid wood instrument. This is because the strings are supplying the bulk of the guitar's sound character. An instrument that is pulling it's tonality from quality construction materials, gives you more latitude in when the strings must be changed.

From listening to your sound samples, I think you should do this; change your strings to "acoustic extra light", ( .010 to .047 ), and make sure you use a "brass" alloy. This will be marked on the package as "(80/20)". The "extra light" strings, will thin out the bass of the guitar quite a bit, and it seems as though that's what you're looking for

I personally don't think the other suggestions thus far are even close to right for you. So, (again IMHO), stay away from ANY phosphor bronze compound, and avoid "silk & steel" set like the plague.

I have an Ibanez, (AEL10), which is all laminate. It sounds like crap with PB strings. So, I string it with 80/20 brass, which are brighter, and stay brighter a fair amount of time longer.

With those things said, You can't leave any set of strings on a guitar as inexpensive as your Squire, play it with any regularity, and expect it to sound good after 3 months use.

"Coated" strings will maintain their sound over a longer period of time, and if they're in your budget, you can throw a set of those on.

The most popular types of those are "D'Addario EXP", and any strings by, "Elixir".

Do let us know how you make out.
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Great, thanks very much for your response
You're quite welcome

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would this be okay?
Sure, either the Dunlop or the Martins would serve the purpose. There isn't as much difference in the sound between brands, as there is the type of alloy. In other words, Martin and Dunlop 80/20 strings would sound fairly similar. But, Dunlop phosphor bronze and Martin 80/20 strings would sound quite a bit different. (and vice-verso, of course).

Here's a link for D'Addario EXP10's, which are .010 to .047 also, but they're coated and would last a bit longer: http://www.amazon.co.uk/DAddario-EXP10-010--047-Acoustic-Strings/dp/B0002GIRKM/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1417592625&sr=1-1-spell&keywords=guitar+strings+acoustic+extra+light+brass

In any case, try a set of either of your links or mine. I'm not an advocate of using that light of a string set on an acoustic, but I think in your case it will help to smooth out your transitions from acoustic to electric. The lighter strings make for a faster playing guitar, one that isn't as ponderous in the bass, while the brass alloy will make it brighter.
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ended up getting these for a tenner at pmt
they really are amazing! Honestly shocked at the difference! First time i changed my strings on acoustic! Sounds like a proper guitar now
I like elixir nanowebs, and also D'addario exps. I like medium gauge on acoustic also. These strings have a coating that makes them last a lot longer. I could go for months with strings like that. Normal strings go incredibly fast I find, after 2 weeks I start noticing them going, and that's when I find the others are reaching their sweet spot. After like a month I'm ready to switch uncoated strings.

Coated strings are quite a lot more expensive but I think they are worth it.

Elixir nanowebs, not polywebs. Polywebs peel.