I recently purchased a weber 6m100amp kit head. The amp was totally assembled this year, by who I have no idea. It looks like the original builder replaced a few of the factory parts with upgrades. I picked it up for half the price of the unassembled kit in a BP parking lot not knowing if it even worked. It works awesome.
This amp only has 1 channel, 4 inputs, 1 speaker out, 4 kt66s, 3 12ax7s and a plug in.
How hard would it be to add a speaker out jack, 1/2 power toggle like my Mesa and a Bogner shiva reverb to it? Can I replace the kt66s that are in it with el34s and not have to worry about it? Not that I'm going to, but I've never seen a kt66 for sale at the guitar shops in Minniapolis MN and definitely not a set of 4. I have extra matching sets of oem el34s that I already purchased for back up.
I know this amp just might never be worth more than the box of parts that were used to assemble it, but I would actually like to work on it my self for once. I have other much more expensive amps that I already play on but I'm not going at them with a hot soldering gun. So this is my crash test dummy. If anyone has experience working on the weber 6m100 or a 66 Marshall your opinions, schematics and pictures or even a web sight to get more info would help me out.