Die in the cold.

Next in the frozen arse
12/08/2014 - Severus Fukk

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to publish the mix. It should work now.
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Viking fact no. 1: Viking helmets did not have horn.
Viking fact no. 2: Vikings tobogganed on their shields into battle.
Viking fact no. 3: Vikings drank mead.
Viking fact no. 4: One of your ancestors are likely to have been raped by a viking.
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Not really in the mood for this mix so I've been listening bit by bit, because it's warm as shit outside for what is normal at this time of the year in the grimdark north, but I really enjoyed Waldgefluster (sp?). Something about them was really cool. Nice return to Walknut as well I found, as I have been away from them for quite a while. Just got to Nhor and it sounds like atmospheric black metal akin to the russian's version, but more dsbm like. Kinda neat as well.

Appalachian Winter had a pretty cool intro and I'm liking how laid back this is, and vocals are right up my alley. I'll edit my thoughts in after I'm actually done.

EDIT: Interlude is pretty rad too on this Appalachian Winter track, but the way it ends I feel is too abrupt.

Vali were alright. The wood flute, probably what it was I don't know, was really whispy and was too much for my thickened exterior mind. The song was nice though.

Then good ol trusty Drudkh. Very good, liked it more than I have in the past. Swell mix, fella.
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