Hey all!

I'm performing a qualitative study for one of my university courses and I'm investigating the link between Internet and personal identity.

For my class paper, I want to take a look at Ultimate-guitar's fantastic community on the forums! You can answer however you like; it's completely informal. Here are some questions to get you guys started. Feel free to answer any ones you're comfortable with.

First, How old are you? Are you a male or female? What country are you from? What genre of music do you listen to or play? -- I just need these to sort out demographics.

How often do you post on the community boards of this site?

Why do you post on the community boards of this site?

How does do you feel the act of posting shapes your persona as a guitar player/musician?

What kind of satisfaction do you get out of posting, if any?

These questions are just some guidelines to get a discussion going! You can answer them however you feel best fits your situation. I know that I haven't ever made any real contribution to the site, but I have been using its resources for at least the last 5 years and would not be as developed of a guitar player as i am today. Let me know your thoughts on the matter!
What you really need is a new amp.


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