I'm getting the idea that it's seen as a novelty.

I ask because I'm not very informed about pedals, but I've been fiddling around with my Zoom G3 and I found a slicer setting that I think sounds pretty cool for general rock use.
I used the mesa drive model (dual rectifier?) with gain at 20% and tube compression at 20% and I put the slicer after the amp.

I turned the balance (mix?) way the heck down so that you can only hear it a little bit and I made the pattern a fast chop. It's subtle but it adds a bit of texture to the sound. I like that patch a lot better since I added the slicer.

So are there many pros who are known for using a slicer effect, or is that one of those rarely used effects?
It works well for slow, single note riffs, can make modestly strummed chords sound frantic and to spice up the third or fourth loop when you're screwing around. Its not exactly an always on fx but I dig it. If you're soloing over a loop, it adds all sorts of craziness and makes for a challenge but at times, if you get it just right, it can be a very cool effect.
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