We afresh had a adventitious to yield an up-close attending at Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales, a pirate-themed role-playing bold from the architect of the 2000 pirate-themed bold Sea Dogs. Developer Akella is alive with publishers Playlogic and Atari to actualize a ablaze bold that lets you play as a sea captain during the Age of Sail, trading goods, capturing ships, and eventually abduction ascendancy of the New World. You'll play as a abode captain with assorted role-playing-game-style statistics, skills, and abilities, such as trading, fencing, and navigating, a allotment of others.

You'll be able to appoint a aggregation of admiral (such as steersmen, cannoneers, and others) from assorted taverns, who can accommodate bonuses to your abilities as continued as you accumulate them on the amount (running out of money and/or aliment while on the top seas is a acceptable compound for a blowzy mutiny, otherwise). Your own actualization will accretion acquaintance levels, or ranks, which net you added accomplishment credibility to spend. And over time, you'll aswell admission your character's acclaim rating, which lets you admission the tougher missions accustomed by the governors of the assorted Caribbean islands.