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So I have to do a monologue for my theater class. It has to be like a minute or two, and obviously it has to be school appropriate. I'm pretty sure it can be from any movie or whatever. Two I'm considering:

Obviously, for either, I'd have to censor out the swearing. Any suggestions?
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I was thinking about doing one of his Ezekiel speeches, but I'd have to censor out about half of anything he says.
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I was thinking about doing one of his Ezekiel speeches, but I'd have to censor out about half of anything he says.

Not familiar, I can't think of any movie monologues, or what qualifies as one.

Maybe wreck it ralph, at the end where he's like, I'm a bad guy, and that's good thing.
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Something from dead poets society will get you a good grade.
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Iago's soliloquy in Othello (And what says he I play the villain?) is a must-do

Incidentally this is from the film starring Kenneth Branagh and it is very good.

Quote by CaptainCanti
I was thinking about doing one of his Ezekiel speeches, but I'd have to censor out about half of anything he says.
I remember when a couple of students at my old school did Uncle ****er but replaced each "fvck" with "fish". Needless to say they got in trouble. Another two did a cover of 4'33" just to get the merit for performing.
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Most of my favorites have already been mentioned, but I will submit this for consideration.
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Edit: Ah hell, it's just movie monologues? We'll I'm out of ideas.
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American Psycho intro.

Edit: Or the Frank gets analyzed posted above.
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I did Robert De Niro's ending monologue from The King of Comedy for my theater class. Nothing you'd have to censor out in that one.
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[Good Will Hunting scene]

I was gonna post the scene with why Will refused to work for the NSA, but this is even better.
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Edit: Or the Frank gets analyzed posted above.

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My suggestion:

You could cut out Monsieur LaPadite's short responses without losing the flow. I wouldn't personally choose this because I would be unable to escape the shadow of Waltz's delivery of the monologue, he's too great.

Other suggestions:
Trainspotting intro:

Good Will Hunting NSA speech:
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do the speech from the beginning of the Warriors.

Can you dig it?
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A poem.
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