Hey guys!

My band is recording our second album... well, I'm recording our second album. I have three tracks I'd like feedback on, from people who haven't heard every demo and know the songs inside out. I'd be happy to take a listen to your work too- all I ask is that you leave me a link to your thread. Thanks!

My band's album is available for free download here. Enjoy!
"Touch & Go": sounded almost like surf or alternative music in the beginning, then very orchestral soon afterwards. Sounded better as it proceeded, and it all came together for me. Nice guitar tone. Vocals are pretty unique and good. The song reminded me a bit of the Smiths/Morrissey. Please review my music at this link:

Hey man,
For starters I thought "Touch and Go" was an emotional piece, really thought that the vocalist was bringing a very real energy to it. The riff was interesting, wasn't sure how it would tie into the rest of the song but it did nicely. One area that could maybe be further developed was the verse guitar and bass parts. At the beginning of both verses, I am pretty sure that the guitar and bass are playing the same thing completely in sync. Maybe try playing around with the bass line. Just a suggestion, even with them being the same the song is still very strong.
Also listened to "Dirty Work". The intro riff is very intense, however at the end of it, it sounds a little jumbled. Also I feel like the vocals need to be just a bit more distinct and then they will really be forceful. All in all a very solid song, interesting riffs, and cool chord progressions.
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