I never experienced this up to today, never really researched too much about, while it is possible to replace it, and there are some repair kits. Is it still possible to play a guitar when the truss rod nut is broken? or is it either repair or game over?
You obviously can play a guitar with a broken truss rod nut just fine, you'd just be dead in the water when the time comes to adjust the neck relief.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
You can try taking of the fretboard and replacing the truss rod. If you are gonna throw away the guitar, might as well learn something from it.
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Yeah i will take off the fretboard and see how the replasing goes and all, depending on for how much i might find a rod i might replace it.
if just the nut is broken on it there is ways to replace it. It is possible to play the guitar with a broken trussrod nut but if you're picky like ohhh the guitar has to be set up. Just be aware that every now and then there will be some buzz or the 1st or 2xth fret will get so low sometimes that the guitar will be unplayable.

the trussrod rescue kit stewmac has would be one option.

if the entire trussrod is broken though better to get a new neck. Trussrod replacements or repairs aren't cheap and only for guitars we really love. 9 out of 10 of the time sort of thing most guys just toss a neck if the trussrods stripped and go on warmoth.
As i said this guitar is not wroth the saving, i'll use it for self education purposes. It will be my guinea pig