Hey guys, I am new to this forum and would love to get some feedback on my newest piece! I had been away from my electric guitar for two months, due to college, and when I came back over Thanksgiving, I busted out this song! Let me know what you like about it and what you don't!


And of course, C4C!
Hello, and welcome to the forum!

I enjoyed your track a lot. It definitely has lots of personality, which is a very good thing. I personally enjoyed the "meow" vocals, but I can see why aaron didn't. It's a matter of taste. I didn't notice the lack of drums until I read aaron's comment. The track works as it is, but it would be definitely interesting to hear it with some kind of percussion just for comparison. Nice synths and guitar playing! Vocals remind me of LCD Soundsystem

Good job!

Give my song a listen if you have time. I would appreciate it!
I'd echo the comments about adding percussion in some form, or at least playing with it. It might add something, you might prefer it without having heard both, but if you try it at least you'll know. Tonally everything was good- I didn't really get much of a build or change from the song. That's something a percussion track could add without having to change much else.

Also... were those early vocals a Spongebob sample? I think I've seen the episode. Possibly multiple times.
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Quote by Vlaco

Also... were those early vocals a Spongebob sample? I think I've seen the episode. Possibly multiple times.

Yeah they were! Its from the episode "Dying for Pie" when Squidward buys Spongebob the pie from the pirates. The high pitch vocal in the verses it Spongebob as well.

Main vocal is nice and clear (recorded well). Mix in general is fairly good, nice and clear all round. Did you use a click track to play along too ? It does sounds like there is some minor timings issues between guitars and bass now and again. Fairly nice lead guitar tone.

A bit more melody on the vocals would have made it a lot more appealing to me as a song in general.

Overall, really good mix and well recorded vocals.


I like this; it's a pretty chill song. The first verse feels a little empty. I think something should be playing a note or two in a higher register, just to make it a little fuller.

Loved the tone for the solo.

Not much else to say; a little repetitive, but pretty cool.

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