I'm looking to brighten up the tone of my guitar. I am a new player and know only little about strings.

I have an early 1990s Sigma DM-1. It's a typical dreadnought, Martin clone, for those who aren't familiar with them.

I do not know what strings it has on it now. It does sound good - I'm just looking for a little brighter sound.

So, what would y'all recommend?

Thanks in advance!
80/20s or dr rare pbs.
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A lot of people use Elixers but i really like the Martin Phosphor Bronze 80/20's(lights). Great sound and sustain. Nice and bassy. Give them a try and there cheaper than the Elixers
I've always liked Dean Markley strings, their standard acoustic strings were all I used for many years. Tried the Elixirs, pretty good but so expensive I went back to Dean Markley. They now make Helix strings, I Haven't used them enough to form a solid opinion, they also make a vintage bronze that should do ok but I haven't used them either. Since I Play a lot of lead on acoustic I mostly use heavy gauge electric strings, for the solid G string, they tend to be brighter but sound good. I've been using electric strings for a long time and never had any complaints. Usually Dean Markley Blue Steel.
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