Sup all - I have a Fender US Deluxe strat with maple neck that is about 5 months old, so the neck isn't exactly dirty to the core. I just want to clean the finger oils and such out of the neck while I'm changing the strings. I've heard that one shouldn't use strong chemicals or oils on a finished neck (like zippo fluid, lemonseed oil etc.), so would a soft cloth with a teeny bit of soap water work? Lame question but I reaaaaaaly don't wanna wreck an expensive (for me at least) guitar.

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Yep. Damp cloth with some mild dish soap works. For the grunge at the frets, you can scrape that out with an old credit card. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.
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On my Electric I removed all the finger mold with cotton twine. Gets close the frets and all I wasn't careful or anything tho. Soapy water doe's sound fine, the materials of your piece sound a bit on the special edition side you should be careful when washing it;But, on mine Hydrogen peroxide on some toilet paper works fine.

Try to make your soap, Okay? Blue concentrated DAWN liquid soap is good for Puppies for sale: Make it from that. if it is to dense it won't smell - BAD, you want a nice soapy smell.
On a 5 month old guitar the finish coating should be complete so moisture ingress shouldn't be an issue. While not to be recommended you could pretty much wash the neck off in the shower.

Maple is a very dense timber any way and, even without a finish, is't going to suck up water quickly.

So, in summary, you don't need to be too careful.

That said, I would avoid solvents of any form (they can stain the timber if there is a break in the surface), anything which is likely to leave a residue and anything which will stay wet - so dry it off straight away.

Vinegar on ******* (How is the room you prepare food in rude?) towel can be good for suborn marks but wipe it off straight away as you don't want it to react with the frets.
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