Ok i know youll all be idiots and go disagree. What guitar should i get? A first act or a first act starter. I know you gonna be like dont get these get a gibson. Im not dumb like you. I can go pick up a perfectly good guitar at walmart thats better then your gibson( abd im right the first acts work just fine). So which one should i get?

Get the first act starter kit - if probably comes with some other stuff that the other option doesn't have

There's probably better stuff out there but if you don't want to know about it then there's no point telling you about it.
What you need is a macbook TS.
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While First Act does some wonderful custom work- see the guys from Mastodon, The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick fame- their standard guitars are pretty shoddy.

What YOU need, friend, is a DeVries.
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