Hey I was wondering, what brand/model of earplugs do you guys use? I'm looking for something that will reduce decibel levels equally across all frequencies (distort the sound as little as possible).

I believe I had some etymotic plugs before. They were given to me by the school, and they were fantastic. Sounded the same as without, would really only notice them when my ears weren't hurting after 3 hours of loud drumming. But when I look for them online, the $300 dollar ones don't look like mine, and most other options I see seem too cheap to be the real deal.
ER20 are the common ones they do, you sure it wasn't that?

edit: I use Proguard PR20 atm btw. pretty good without spending too much and don't stick out like the ER20.

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cheapest ones i can find once i break/lose the old ones, which were the cheapest ones i could find when i broke/lost the ones before those, which were...

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Howard Leight Super Leights. Cheap, and they work pretty well, too.

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Spark Plugs, official earplugs of NASCAR!

No seriously they had tons of them at my old job that employees had to wear so I now have tons of them in my basement.

They're not bad but they do take off a little more high end than I'd like, but given that these were made for racing crews and not concerts and I got them for free I can't complain.
The bosch ones that come in little baggies.
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